Storytime Full Walkthough Tutorial HD

Watch this tutorial to learn how to download stories with your Press N' Play. Then connect to the projector to watch your stories come to life!

Adjust the Picture Quality on your Storytime Theater Projector

Watch this tutorial to learn how to focus your projector.

How to Install Batteries into the Projector

Ready for Storytime?
You'll need:
1x Phillips head screwdriver
4x C batteries
Remove the back cover with your screwdriver. Insert the batteries. Now replace the back cover and replace the screws.

Now you're ready to Turn On your Projector!

How to Turn On your Projector
In this video learn how to switch on the power to your Projector. Then turn it on so you're ready to connect with your tablet.

How to Download a Story

Have a new Press N' Play character? Ready for Storytime?

All Stories are stored in the cloud until you unlock them with your Press N' Play, then you can watch them whenever you like!

First, make sure your tablet is connected to the Internet.
Once connected open the Storytime Theater App. Take your Press N' Play and press it on the screen. Tap the download button to start installing the story. Give the app a second to process and your story is ready!

Don't forget to connect to the Storytime Projector before you start.

Enjoy your Storytime adventure!

please note: Stories that are downloaded for other applications are not compatible with the Storytime Theater Projector

How to Connect to your Projector

Once you have your Projector turned on you can connect wirelessly to your tablet.
1. Go to your tablet Settings
2. Choose Wi-Fi options
3. Select your Projector
4. When the projector light stops blinking you're connected!

The Projector will also indicate a connection by projecting an image of checkmark.

Now choose a Press N' Play and start your story adventure!

Using your Press N' Play

When you've chosen which story you want to see, you'll need your Press N' Play to start the magic.

Make sure to grip both sides of the Press N Play character as you press it on the screen of your tablet. Watch as your story launches by magic!

Create a Photo Slideshow with Storytime Theater

In this tutorial you will learn how to create your own photo slideshow and project it with the Storytime Theater Projector.

Upload and Project a Video with Storytime Theater

Watch this tutorial to learn how to upload your own videos to Storytime Theater and then project them on the wall!