How do I use it?

We have an entire video tutorial section that you can watch.


Why won’t my projector turn on?

Check the following:

  1. Batteries:
    • Make sure that the batteries are good and have been inserted correctly as shown in the diagram 7.a in your instruction sheet.
  2. On Switch:
    • Make sure that the switch on the bottom is set to the “ON” symbol.
    • Make sure to hold the button wifi button for 2 seconds to turn on.

Why can’t I find the iOS app in the Apple App store?

  1. Make sure you are searching for the “Tech4Kids Storytime Theater App”.
  2. You can also search the key word “Tech4Kids”.
  3. Try using this link

Why can’t I find the Android app in the Google Play store?

  1. Google has recently made changes to their content policy and we are working on making the Android app available again in the Google Play store.
  2. In the meantime, you can download the Android app by clicking here.

How do I restore my previous purchases?

  1. Click the Gear icon in the top right of the screen.
  2. Click "For Grown Ups".
  3. Enter the numbers displayed.
  4. Click Restore Purchases.
  5. Confirm that you'd like to restore purchases to the device (It will use your device's Google Play account)

Can I watch other Disney stories with the Storytime Projector?

  1. Only Press N' Play stories are compatible with the Storytime Projector.

Why can’t I download the app?

  1. Make sure you are connected to the internet and disconnected from the projector network.

When I open the app, why isn’t anything happening with the projector?

  1. You need to change your “WIFI” Settings to connect to the projector.

I have the App open and the projector is connected, why can’t I play the story?

  1. Have you launched your story by placing the Press N' Play on the screen?
  2. Is your tablet responding to the Press N' Play?
    • If not, make sure you are holding the Press N' Play with two fingers holding the black pads on each side of the vertical piece.
    • Or you may need to enter the code labeled on the back of the Press N' Play. (This feature is available for Android and will soon be available for iOS users).
  3. Have you downloaded the story content from the App Store? You need to do this first before the Press N' Play can activate the story automatically
    • To do this, you must connect to the internet and download from the app store.

My projector seems to be frozen, what can I do?

  1. Slide the Switch on the bottom to the off position for 20 seconds then back to on.
  2. You should also restart the App at the same time.

The story animation and swiping controls are not stable or seem to jump around. How do I fix that?

  1. This usually happens when the tablet is moving out of range or there is some external interference affecting the streaming content.
    • Solution: Move the tablet closer to the projector. The Projector can connect with the tablet from approximately 10 feet away.

I am touching the screen with the Press N' Play but nothing is happening. What can I do?

  1. Be sure to hold the Press N' Play by the two black contact pads when you touch your Press N' Play to the screen of your tablet.
  2. You may not have downloaded the story yet from the app. Remember, you must NOT be connected to the projector network, and you must be connected to the internet to download a story for the first time.
  3. Make sure your tablet does not have a screen protector on as this will interfere with the connection between the Press N' Play and the tablet.

Why does the projector time out and go to sleep?

  1. Your 3G connection may be running, in which case it means there is no “WIFI” and the projector will time out and go to sleep. Disconnect your 3G.
  2. You may have walked out of range of the projector. In this case, the projector will go to sleep.
  3. Your smart device may have powered down or gone to sleep. (The projector goes to sleep after 10 minutes of inactivity). If this happens in the middle of a story, the projector will  sleep and then shut down. You should power up your smart device again.
  4. The app may have crashed on your device. You  will need to restart the app and the projector.

If I have a children’s tablet, will the app work?

  1. The Storytime Theater Projector will work with any Android tablet with Android 4.3.1 or above operating system that has a wireless connection.

Will the Storytime Theater Projector work with a Kindle or other reading tablet?

  1. No, it will not work on reading tablets.